Bar mitzvah photography with Philip Small

Its always a privilege to get a recommendation from Philip Small but when its one of his best friends it made it that little bit special. Des called me on Philips personal recommendation to do the bar mitzvah photography his son Arie’s Bar mitzvah party at the Jumeirah Carlton hotel in Knightsbridge.

Getting to the venue several hours prior to start Arie’s bar mitzvah photography and ensure all the details and families were captured perfectly I could see the enormous amount of planning that had been going on  with the lighting set up by David Graham at Sound Division and the black glitter stage set for the sounds of Totem.

Bar mitzvah photography 1

Planning a bar mitzvah

As an event planner they don’t come any better than Philip Small with his meticulous attention to detail, his flair for giving you the wow factor and then his specialty..that amazing food with stunning canapes to start and cocktails served by girls wearing the tray as a skirt whilst another dressed as a cowgirl dispensed shotgun shots for the adults.

The tables were adorned with grey cloths complemented with red glass tableware and complimentary napkins, whilst the main bar was a shimmering spectacle covered in highly polished mirror tiles. The kids had a slightly different set up with high stools and bar height tables and Max Headroom style table decorations. I planned not only to give the family a great set of storytelling images but also deliver to Philip Small some great bar mitzvah photographs of this event.

Bar mitzvah photography 2

Bar mitzvah photography 3

Bar mitzvah photography 4

Arriving in Style

Arie arrived in style in a beautiful black Lamborghini with his brother for a few posed shots with this mean machine before going inside for a few pre selected family photographs before their guests arrived for pre dinner drinks and canapes served by glamorous girls dressed in skirts holding cocktails.

Bar mitzvah photography 5

The main event with great Bar mitzvah photography

With a call from the top hatted grand toastmaster their guests flooded into the main ballroom at The Jumeirah Carlton to be greeted by the wow factor and the sounds of the eight piece band Totem followed by the grand entrance of the bar mitzvah boy Arie and straight onto the dancefloor for a energetic first set accompanied by a group of performers dressed as traditional jewish rabbis with both Des and Arie joining in the traditional dancing with matching hats and coats.

Belly dancing from Turkey

As the evening progressed the fun really started to happen firstly with a turkish belly dancer and then a beautiful song by Arie’s sister and then the shots flowed with a cowgirl dispensing vodka shots from two bottles slung from her waist. Dancing and drinking with all those close to you was kinda a perfect evening and bar mitzvah.

The Bar mitzvah photography slide show

I always provide couples and families a small selection of my favourite images . click here to see Arie’s slide show.

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The Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel

A beacon of British style and sophistication, Jumeirah Carlton Tower is a renowned five star hotel in central London. enjoying stunning views of the London skyline, with access to private gardens for you family groups and barmitzvah photography its a great place for your wedding or special party

Philip Small Event planning

When you want the best !….PHILIP SMALL and his team have been delivering fabulous parties to the most discerning of clients. for over 25 years. Provide only the best food they have developed many menus that not only replicate top restaurants from around the World  but have the “WOW” factor – and they are KOSHER. Many guests say “is this food really Kosher”, that is attributable to our Executive Chef Philippe Sabia who has created a team of Master Chefs, who have cooked in the top kitchens of Hotels and Restaurants around the world, bringing their skills to your event.