Children affected by parental imprisonment


Cherie Booth QC,  Javed Khan, CEO Barnardo’s, Professor Adele Jones and Laura Tranter

Professor Adele Jones and Laura Tranter with Javed Khan and Cherie Blair



Barnardo’s carry out work with Children affected by parental imprisonment. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 children of prisoners in the UK and seven per cent of children experience the imprisonment of their parent during their school years.

Barnardo’s supports children and families affected by parental imprisonment through 21 services across the UK. Our experience convinces us that providing support to the whole family is the best way of protecting and promoting positive outcomes for children.


For children whose parent or carer goes into it is a like a bereavement. Children go through a very traumatic time, they feel a sense of loss, a sense of stigma and they don’t want to tell friends, teachers or people who could potentially help them.”

We’re glad that awareness is being raised about this hidden issue and we hope this leads to more support for these children and young people.

Barnardo’s recently launched I-HOP an Information Hub for offenders families with children for professionals that gives professionals working with children of offenders access to support and advice and allows them to share best practices.


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