With a recommendation from Claridge’s Hotel, I was thrilled to be asked by Alec Rasmussen to meet him in London to photograph his proposal of marriage to his girlfriend Julie, something which he had planned as a complete surprise for his fiancé-to-be.

Julie had flown over from Los Angeles for a business and shopping expedition in London’s West End and was staying at Claridge’s for the duration of her trip, unknowing that Alec had taken a separate flight from the USA to arrive at her hotel with the most beautiful diamond solitaire and a proposal of marriage.

Alec organised for me to meet them both on the Saturday to record this wonderful event in their lives together photographing them in the grandeur of Claridge’s and in the beautiful backdrop of Hyde Park.

Julie had already recovered from the initial surprise when I arrived and had accepted Alec’s proposal, so I was then able to capture the utter joy of them both as they entered this new phase of their relationship. As the couple took a walk through London’s Hyde Park, Alec took the opportunity to go on bended knee and utter the words ‘Will you marry me?’ and present the stunning engagement ring to his new fiancé.

I am very privileged to get to share this most intimate and special moments with people and provide them with the images that along with their memories of the occasion, will be something they treasure for a lifetime.

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