The Danish Wedding of Christina and Josh – Destination wedding photographer.

Wow what a unique experience, I was so thrilled to be part of the wedding of Christina and Josh last weekend. I was aware that the couple have Danish heritage but was not prepared for the wonderful Danish traditions that would form part of their very memorable day.

The couple were married at the Danish church St Katherine’s at the North-East corner of Regents Park, which provides an important centre for the Danish community offering much more than just weddings and services. The church has a simple and whitewashed interior with two figures of Moses and John the Baptist, and scale model tall ships suspended from the ceiling. The service was traditional and delivered with great warmth by the Danish Pastor Else Hviid.

There are some interesting differences that are traditions at a Danish wedding service. These include the couple sitting apart from each other during the service until the vows are made. In an English wedding service the bride and groom repeat all the wedding vows after the priest, in a Danish wedding ceremony the only thing the bride and groom have to say is “yes” twice – the priest does the rest – so there is a lot less to say in a Danish wedding!

Christina and Josh were accompanied by their parents, 6 ushers and 1 bridesmaid, and joined by 160 guests to celebrate the wonderful occasion of their marriage. Christina was dressed in a classic white lace dress with a bouquet of pastel roses.
I was able to take some beautiful images of the couple together in the grounds of the church and they were eager to make sure they had one under the red and white of the Danish flag.
The wedding party were then transported to the exclusive venue of The Langham with its award winning cocktail bar. To their surprise the couple were greeted by screaming fans – although not exactly for them, in fact they were waiting for singer Ariana Grande, but they responded with enthusiasm at the sight of the beautiful bride escorted by her dashing new husband.

With a delicious wedding breakfast served in the Grand Ballroom the party continued with more wonderful and curious Danish traditions for everyone to join in. One of the more modern traditions involves the guests banging their plates with their cutlery – to which the bride and groom have to get onto their chairs and kiss, if however, they stamp their feet, the couple have to kiss under the table!
More kissing is required by the bride and groom by their guests – when the bride leaves the room all the female guest form a queue to kiss the groom, and when the groom leaves the male guests do the same for a kiss from the bride!
But I think the tradition that will stay with me occurred at the end of the couple’s first dance. The groom is hoisted into the air by his family and the other male guests, his shoes are removed and the toes of his socks are cut off. It is said that this is so that the bride will have to prove that she can sew!

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