Observational Documentary Wedding Photography

I’ve been a professional photographer for twenty years and in that time not only have I established a very successful wedding photography business, I’ve carved out my own distinctive style of photographing and editing.

My photographic style is embedded in the genre of documentary photojournalism, also described as reportage, candid and photoessay. My documentary images are focused on the observation of people, events and emotions which is why I refer to my work as ‘observational documentary wedding photography’.

‘The decisive moment’ Cartier Bresson. Great documentary photography requires all the elements of photography in its highest artistic form, including good composition and beautiful lighting. In addition there is a crucial component that elevates a documentary photograph to one that truly captures a moment in time, telling the story of the people within the image with all its emotion, and as a photographer it is about having the experience to know where to position yourself so that you can capture those illusive moments within a single frame.

Natural, un-orchestrated and un-posed

It’s your wedding , the day that you have spent a lot of money and time planning. A once in a lifetime occasion which you want to enjoy every moment with your friends, family and loved ones. Documentary wedding photography allows all the emotions and special moments to be recorded naturally as they happen. Of course you will want some stunning portraits of yourselves as a couple but I will keep this short and personal to you, so that I capture you interacting with each other as you would instinctively, rather than directing you into staged poses, and taking you away from being with your guests.

Some of my couples say ‘Mark we trust you’ and they just enjoy their day knowing that I am there taking all those important memory shots in the background. Many photographers may say they are documentary but if you look at a complete wedding there may only be a few images amongst more formal or posed images. Documentary wedding photography is the hardest genre because you have to anticipate scenes and be constantly looking for special moments, whereas a photographer that relies on constructing images and posing their couples and their guests means they are able to control what is happening in front of and in the camera, which can lead to predictable and staged photos that are replicated across several weddings.

Documentary Wedding Photographer 3

Setting the scene……Great story telling images will set the scene and capture the key events of your wedding day so that as you turn each page your story unfolds. Some of the most beautiful documentary photographs use layers to build the story within each image.

It’s all in the detail……There will be lots of special touches that reflect your individual personalities and experiences which you will want captured that add the detail to your story. You will have taken time to choose the flowers, shoes, table settings and as a documentary wedding photographer I am there to tell your story through beautiful images finding ways to incorporate those little details within your wedding photographs. You carefully chose the setting for your wedding, be it a hotel, marquee, church, synagogue, outside in a garden, and these will be essential images that hold your photographs together.

Documentary Wedding Photographer 4

Flash!……Lots of weddings have stunning ambient lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for the band or dancing, and although this looks incredible in the room the light reflects on people’s faces, so I use an off the camera LED lighting system to ensure your will be perfectly lit whilst maintaining the lighting in the background of the photograph. During the day I make use of natural light to enhance your photographs and for some weddings there are beautiful skies to capture with intense colours and cloud patterns.

Documentary Wedding Photographer 5

I shoot the whole day on Nikon digital cameras and lenses in full colour images. During the editing process I will convert some images where I can see that artistically the image is enhanced by using black and white. You will receive copyright free your images digitally and I also offer personally designed albums as part of your wedding photography package.

Documentary Wedding Photographer 6

Timeless, classic, stunning, storytelling images full of emotion

that capture the story of your unique wedding day and will provide you with a lifetime of memories in every photograph. I want you to look at your photographs and be transported back to those feelings in that moment of time, each and every time you look at them.

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