I’m not known for my impulse buying, but I made a spontaneous purchase at The Photography Show, Birmingham NEC, last week. Whilst wandering the aisles preparing myself for my talk on the Nikon stand I noticed a small display of leather straps, The Eddycam, a small German company using hand crafted elk leather. I can honestly say I wasn’t in the market for a new strap having had one made for me in India last year, but something about the colours caught my eye so I stopped and decided to take a closer look.

What was so impressive was the feel of the leather, so sumptuously soft on the inside, you couldn’t resist standing there and touching the straps (I know sounds a little dodgy) but they looked good and were practical too, finished with a more hard wearing leather on the outside, and completed with a standard adjustable nylon camera strap.

The owner of the company and stand was keen to show me the different combinations of strap size and colour. My German is not great, his English was a little better, so with pointing and gesticulation, we did eventually find the winning strap!

I selected one of the larger and broader varieties in black and tan with a black nylon camera strap and fastenings. The outside layer is a practical hardwearing black pebble leather embossed with the elk logo, with the rich tan layer, soft and flexible, to be worn against the body. The straps are beautifully presented in their own hand made calico bags with coloured drawstrings. Prices vary depending on colour combinations and size so check the website out for further buying details.

I had the perfect road test for my new strap, the next day as I was due to fly out the next day to run a documentary street photography training course in Sicily for Nikon, photographing the 16hour traditional Good Friday procession, Misteri Di Trapani. With a long days photography and training ahead, working in cramped confines of the crowded church and street, would it meet the challenges of comfort and manoeuvrability?

As a working strap it’s definitely the most comfortable strap I have ever used, even with the heavy Nikon D4s hanging round your neck! The soft leather is well cushioned and is shaped to sit really well without rubbing or moving. The edges are finished well so there are no rough ends to dig into you.

markseymourphotography_0161For those of you that want to look good as you photograph then it ticks the box of being stylish too! Although the Nikon colours of yellow and black didn’t tempt me on this occasion, but there is definitely a range of choices to suit your style.

It does not provide the slider action that some straps have, which I admit can be useful for a professional photographer working on the job, but it was great for a full days street photography and for the traveller or amateur photographer out for the day, enabling you to keep your camera always to hand, without it pulling or making your neck ache by the end of the day.

It is an investment, quality products made of this kind of leather do not come cheap, but I would say it was well worth it, for it luxurious feel and look as well as being so comfortable to wear I am certainly pleased that for once I took the plunge on an impulse buy.




“I put the Eddycam strap to the test on my documentary street photography training course in Sicily, 16 hours photographing the Misteri Di Trapini, with the notoriously bulky and heavy Nikon D4s. I can honestly say, that it is the most comfortable camera strap I have tried! The sumptuous leather feels great and it is shaped and finished to sit smoothly round your neck or shoulder without rubbing or sliding out of position. After a very long days street photography the strap had not dug in or caused my neck to ache. The strap perfectly distributed the weight of the camera and the buttery soft leather felt and looked great. I would highly recommended this camera strap for it’s comfort and style” Mark Seymour March 2016