Hampton Court House Wedding Photographs with Lyndsey Carlos Clarke

“Hi Mark, guess what I’m getting married , I’ve been racking my brain as we know so many fashion and art photographers and then Gilan the owner of The Little Black Art Gallery in Chelsea suggested you as our Hampton Court Wedding Photographer and then it came flooding back how much Bob had always waxed lyrical about your beautiful black and white documentary wedding photos . So I wondered if you would be available to please photograph mine and Andy’s big day at Hampton Court House?

The Wedding of my dreams

I, of course said I’d be delighted and then she added, “but I have a few rules and want to be sure your happy with them.”

“Go on”, I said. “Well Mark firstly I don’t want to talk to you on the day, I just want to trust you to deliver , secondly definitely no groups, oh well maybe just one of Andy’s Mum and Dad with us and my daughter Scarlett and then just one picture of the two of us looking at each other. Oh and the last request , I don’t want to ever see any of my wedding photographs in colour. Are you still ok with that?” A big smile came across my face and I replied “Lyndsey, that is my perfect wedding to photograph !”

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day and I met Lyndsey the bride at The Church along with all their cool wedding guests and knew straight away this was going to be a very Rock n Roll cool unforgettable events at Hampton Court House.

It really was a dream to photograph as Hampton court is one of those glamorous and romantic wedding venues with the bride in her magnificent white wedding dress wandering around the magical 18th century gardens whilst their band played in The Grand Hall with magnificent matching marble fireplaces and chandeliers their favourite rock n roll songs and their wedding guests mingled sipping champagne and nibbling canapes whilst being overlooked by human statues as I wandered around photographing natural moments with my camera.

After the drinks reception they all moved to The Victorian Picture Gallery, a magnificent room for their wedding breakfast with its amazing 10m high ceilings leading out to an enchanting conservatory and the stunning patio garden where after cutting their wedding cake they took to the dance floor and their first dance together as husband and wife the sounds of Eric Clapton singing You look wonderful tonight.

The Bride and Groom made the perfect getaway by private helicopter as their wedding guests waved them goodby on the short journey to Cliveden House for their wedding night and a short honeymoon.

After the Wedding at Hampton Court House

All the wedding photographs were delivered as per Lyndseys request in Black and White along with a beautiful Wedding Album telling the story of their wedding day and then I sat and waited with baited breath hoping the wedding photos and bridal album would meet her high expectations, and to my delight I received a call from the bride along with a beautiful testimonial, with an invite to The Little Black Gallery  to choose a couple of Bob Carlos Clarke’s  original images for my own wall.

Testimonial from the bride Lyndsey Carlos Clarke

“Having spent over 35 years in the photographic world, as a model, as a wife to the late great photographer Bob Carlos Clarke and more recently the co owner of The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, I was suddenly faced with finding a photographer for my own wedding.

Planning a wedding is complicated and fraught with endless decisions. The wedding photographer has a difficult role. He is not family, or even friend but has to mingle with family on a very special private day and take amazing photographs which have to stand the test of time.

I had met Mark Seymour on a couple of occasions when he worked on projects with my late husband, Bob always said that Mark was the best wedding photographers in the business, and he was right. Weddings are complex to photograph, getting the right balance is difficult, you have to trust the photographer and you must give them freedom to capture moments in time and memories your are making that can never be repeated.

Whatever plans you have for your special wedding day, your dress, the church,the reception, your guests, if you don’t get it photographed properly you will always have regrets forever and you can never relive it.

Hampton Court House Wedding Photographs

For me, Mark was fantastic with his camera . I gave him a very open brief, only a few group shots of family, and then I just set him free. The proof is in the wedding pictures, they are just amazing and every single person that has seen them says that they can feel and relive the wedding day. That for me fulfils the brief . Anyone who is fortunate to get Mark Seymour as their wedding photographer for their wedding has made the right decision.”

Lyndsey Carlos

Hampton Court House..

Its definitely one of the most romantic and glamorous wedding venues in Surrey . A real hidden gem you’ll find Hampton Court House opposite Hampton Court in a small secluded location. If your looking for a fairytale wedding take a look at one of England’s most romantic venues.

Hampton Court House offers the bride and groom total exclusivity and a very private wedding day letting you enjoy your perfect dream wedding with your family and wedding guests amongst its eight acres of 18th century unique gardens with beautiful palm trees and swans gliding across the heart shaped lake.

Most couples use the Grand Hall for their intimate wedding ceremonies that can hold up to 150 of your wedding guests and then move to The Victorian Picture Gallery with its beautiful high ceilings for their wedding breakfast before finishing the evening in the conservatory which leads out to a beautiful patio garden.. its the perfect way to end the wedding as you dance and party your wedding day away.

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