What Questions should I really be asking my prospective wedding photographer ?

1    Take a good recommendation from friends and family who like and have a similar taste to you. A good referral is worth its weight in gold . If you know a friend who loved their photographer there is a good chance you will be too, so call them and ask to see more of their work, also ask for venue recommendations and who are their preferred photographer’s. The best venues only recommend photographers and suppliers they are happy  to work with and along side and know they are going to produce a good set of images for you..

2     How do I choose a good photographer when there are so many in my area  and they all look the same and I’ve never booked a professional wedding photographer before ?
Firstly you could ask if they are qualified with either the BIPP or MPA. Good photographers will have a letter after their name like AMPA ect. F is the highest and the MPA and BIPP have awarded and made very few fellows in the art of wedding photography. Its extremely difficult to achieve ( a bit like 3 Michelin stars in the restaurant world ) No photographer has achieved F status in documentary wedding photography and Mark was the first to achieve Associate status ( akin to two Michelin stars in the restaurant world ! ) Mark is trying to be one of the first to achieve this milestone and would love the opportunity to capture some awesome relaxed and natural moments at your wedding.

3    Do you have insurance ?  Most professionals will have both public liability and professional indemnity to cover against natures little mistakes when things go wrong.

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4    Google your photographer and do as much research as possible on them, make sure you meet with your photographer / the person that will be at your wedding and not accept that their associate will cover and he’s trained by me story.

5    Do you carry a full range of back up equipment ?  Im extremley fortunate to have a working relationship with Nikon UK and am currently one of their 6 chosen ambassadors. I carry spare of virtually everything in my car so will never say to you  ‘Im sorry my camera has broken ‘

6    Look at the quality of the images you are being shown, documentary photography is notoriously difficult and many photographers use the term reportage , documentary and informal as they are words of the moment to describe loosely what most brides want. If you’re really feeling brave ask the photographer to show you last week’s wedding in its entirety not just his favourite few emotional photographs which most pro’s will get over a wedding season. This is the only real way to truly see a photographers overall style.
With documentary photography you should be looking for some scene setting shots, lots of wide angle shots that tell a story within an image, not just close ups taken from afar on a long lens. The best reportage and documentary photographers work with 35 mm and 24 mm lens most of the day and are often very close to the special moments happening around the bride and groom as they laugh and enjoy the company  with their close friends and family.

7    Stay clear of shoot and burn.. I promise you in most cases you will not be happy with the results.
Mark personally works on every image and ensures they are all edited and colour corrected  as the images you see in both his sample albums and web site. Although I do give couples all the edited high res images I would much rather you had a wedding album that shows of  my work at its best and becomes a family heirloom for generations to come.

8    Second photographer ?  yes in some cases its important if you have an extremely large wedding but on the smaller wedding it’s not essential and can often become a hindrance. I’d rather be  watching the events unfold  at your wedding to ensure I captured those magical moments rather than keep seeing out of the corner of my eye another  photographer. A lot of second photographers have yet to make the grade, after all if they had surely they would be photographing their own weddings.

9     I’m  a documentary wedding photographer but I still photograph groups and some wow portraits of the both of you together on your special day if wanted. I try and limit the number of groups to four to six and then no more than 10 mins with the two of you so you can enjoy your wedding day with your friends and family and it not end up as a photo shoot with the photographer wanting you both for over 30 mins so they can shoot their next award winning or fashion image.
I’m a strong believer in that  it’s your wedding day and about your friends and your family and not about me.
My brides trust me to capture and deliver a beautiful set of moments so you may re live your day as you turn each page of your wedding album.

Dear Mark..

I’m so glad we invested in Mark Seymour Photography because you made Richard and I feel at ease the moment we met you. As soon as we saw your portfolio we knew we wanted you to photograph our wedding and we were not disappointed.

At the pre-wedding shoot we got to know you a lot better. This gave us confidence for our big day, especially as the photos you produced at the shoot were fabulous.

You  captured all of the special moments of our wedding day beautifully and there are plenty of amazing photographs to choose from.

Mark you were brilliant and thank you for all your hard work.

Charlotte and Richard

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