Intimate wedding photography

Creating Perfectly Intimate Wedding Photography can be a little more challenging even for the best wedding photographers but here are some top tips to help you find the perfect wedding photographer to really capture all those little moments that occur naturally whilst you mingle with your really close friends and family making memories at your small wedding.

Intimate wedding photography

The best style for small intimate wedding photography

The best style for small intimate wedding photography often revolves around a candid, photojournalistic approach. This style captures the real, raw emotions and precious moments of your special day, giving a natural and authentic feel to your photos. Instead of staged poses, I always focus on unscripted, spontaneous moments – the shared glances, heartfelt smiles, and tears of joy. This approach really encapsulates the essence of small intimate weddings, where every moment is personal and meaningful. So, when you look back at your photos, you don’t just see them; you feel them.

Ive have been photographing all types of weddings from large grand affaire to weddings where its just the two of you and a couple borrowed witnesses from the venue but one thing I’ve always noticed is that there is a unique and special feeling that seems to be present in the most intimate weddings.

Small intimate wedding Cliveden House

Small weddings are undeniably charming

Small intimate weddings often only have the people you have the deepest connections with and it goes without saying you should also have a photographer who understands this and is able to blend seamlessly with just a few guests at your wedding

While every couple has unique preferences for their intimate wedding location,

Ive tried to put together everything you need to know about a smaller wedding photography coverage especially tailored towards small intimate gatherings for your wedding day including a list of great venues around the Berkshire area for you to maybe consider to help you make the most of your wedding day

What is a small intimate wedding ?

Small intimate weddings are often referred to as micro weddings or mini weddings which are definitely a growing trend not necessarily to cut the budget but more often to celebrate the occasion with your closest and dearest friends and relatives in a relaxed atmosphere.

These intimate celebrations with just a handful of wedding guests can still be full of detail and that wow factor with your own style but let you focus more on attention to detail and who you would like to spend the time creating memories on your big day with.

Small Intimate wedding at Cliveden House

Small wedding still mean big memories

With all your closest and most dearest friends in one room even more reason to have a great professional wedding photographer who is really experienced in documenting all those natural and intimate moments that will happen on your wedding day.

Ive personally photographed many small intimate weddings and believe the most difficult thing to achieve is being unobtrusive whilst mingling with a small group of guests whilst having the ability to capture those most intimate of moments as they happen without being noticed taking intimate wedding photography

Many couples often comment that they have hardly noticed me in the room after they have been presented with a set of wedding photographs taken with my camera as I always approach the day in a creative yet unobtrusive way enabling me to capture those little moments without you noticing

Small Luxurious wedding at Cliveden House

The benefit’s of a small wedding

Having a smaller intimate wedding lets you plan your wedding day more around what you want and lets you take less care about traditions and tie the knot they way you want to.

Having a smaller wedding lets you focus more on the day and the ones Ive photographed seem to be focused more on love, companionship, trust and intimacy between you both. With things like having to worrying about whos sitting next to each other and worrying about how your going to get between the church and reception along with navigating difficult guests in the background. They are in my humble opinion generally the most calmest of days and definitely a stress-free way to tie the knot !


Really simple pricing letting you choose the amount of hours you need me there to cover your small intimate wedding. All we ask is you book a minimum of 3 hours !

The First hour is always charged at £450 with subsequent hours charged at £250 per hour.

This includes all your wedding photography

All images edited to the same standard as seen on my web site

An online gallery to share with your friends and family and where you can download all the high res images for your own personal use.

Local weddings only . Please ask


We gave Mark a challenge. Please photograph our small intimate wedding, there will only be the 2 of us, don’t be intrusive and we don’t want it to be formal, just nice & natural. To help we will give you a great venue-Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons.
We received our photos today and Mark absolutely delivered!! Exactly what we were looking for and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark and work with him again but hopefully not on another wedding just yet!

Alan & Nicci


Mark photographed our wedding at Cliveden House in May. We chose Mark because we loved his action shots / candids of guests as well as his street work. We also loved the wedding photos for their artistry and use of light and color. This all stayed true for our wedding too!

In the lead up to the wedding Mark was very easy to communicate with and interview. On the wedding day Mark was very comfortable to work with. I have a knack for making posed pictures look horrible and forgetting how to smile and the way he interacted and helped position really helped me loosen up.

He knew the grounds extremely well and was able to plan alternates given weather conditions (for ex we had wind for a couple hours so he knew where it would be less windy). We took his car to several locations on property and it was really fun to see how he positioned us and himself to get the most phenomenal shots.

I’d highly recommend Mark for his skills, professionalism and ease to work with. He isn’t just going through the motions, he is practicing his craft the way any master pours love and respect into theirs.

Tonja and Valient

5 Awesome small intimate wedding venues

Hampden House.

Cliveden House .

Le Manoir

Sir Christopher Wren Hotel

Danesfield House Hotel

Intimate wedding photography

As a skilled professional wedding photographer who has photographed many small weddings I try and focus on capturing a range of images that reflect the warmth and intimacy of your special day. They’ll not only highlight the main moments such as the vows, first kiss, and first dance but also the smaller, equally important details.

Ill provide for you a set of beautifully composed photographs of your wedding venue, the decorations, and all the elements that you carefully chose to represent your chosen theme. Ill can also capture the joy and anticipation as you and your partner get ready, the raw emotions as you see each other for the first time on your wedding day, and the tenderness of your loved ones as they watch you exchange vows.

Ill photograph the intimacy of the occasion along with beautiful candid photos showing guests interacting, laughing, and hopefully shedding a tear or two. Ill also take some beautiful yet natural and intimate portraits of you both together showing your love and happiness on your wedding day.

Remember, intimate wedding photography goes beyond just documenting the event. Your photographer will tell the story of your special day through their lens, capturing the essence of your love and the unique atmosphere of your small, intimate wedding.

A small intimate wedding at Cliveden House

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  1. Just having a nosey at your website Mark, the photography at this wedding is incredible. I hope you are doing well and keep up the good work.

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