One of the questions I get asked a lot is what camera and lenses do I use. Well the first answer is NIKON. I love Nikon cameras and lenses and have been a Nikon user for many years now so it was a great privelidge to be asked by Nikon Uk to be one of their ambassadors.
Nikon lenses are amazing and help me get the images I want and see, but its not just about the gear that makes a great wedding photograph its the person behind the camera and their eye.
Great images are made by many combined factors including knowing how to compose your image, how to capture true emotions, how to nail your exposure in difficult lighting conditions, and then finally how to expose your images correctly.
I do believe however having the right tools ( and that is Nikon for me ) helps immensley in acheiving your final results and images you dream of capturing, there is however a balance between having the right gear and honing your skill as a photographer as its the photographer that makes the image and not the gear. Focus on creating better photographs and your photographic training and you will become a better artist…
Here is a current list and image of my Nikon equipment.


Nikon Kit list Mark Seymour

Mark Seymour Kit List
1    Think Tank Camera Bag                 21    85mm 1.4
2    Nikon SB900  x 2                            22    24mm f1.4
3    Minolta Flashmeter                         23    Memory cards
4    Nikon D800                                     24    Nikkor 105mm f2 DC
5    Business Cards                              25    60mm Macro Nikkor
6    Nikon D4                                         26    Multiblitz Flash Head
7    Nikon D4                                         27    Multiblitz Flash Head
8    Think Tank airport                           28    Lastolite Silver / Black Umbrella x 2
9    50mm F1.4                                     29    Black Gaffa Tape
10    35 mm f1.4                                   30    Pocket Wizzards
11    24 – 70 f2.8                                   31    16 – 35mm f4 Nikkor
12    Torch                                             32    Reflector for Multiblitz  x 2
13    Spare batteries                             33    Cuppl ( head ware for Jewish event )
14    Spare batteries                             34    Quantum Flash
15    Video light                                     35    Lighting stands
16    135mm f2                                     36    Lighting Stand
17    Nikon SB 900  flash                      37    Manfrotto tripod

18    Headache tablets
19    Highlighter Pen
20    Lighter