Nikon Training on the street with Mark Seymour

Sunday morning, excited at the prospect of shooting at London’s Speakers Corner I meet the photographers who signed up for this Nikon Street Photography special in a local coffee house to go over the day its objectives and to understand what those that who had signed up for the course had as expectations.

The initial review covered the use of prime lenses, strategies for capturing the best images and conquering your fear of photographing strangers along with images to show first-hand what could be achieved with the right approach.

We took the short walk to speakers corner with most photographers clinging onto their trusty zoom lenses unaware that within hours they would be moving from a fixed 35 mm prime lens to 28 mm primes and fully understanding the benefits of using the wide angle lens to both get in close and also to tell the story within a single frame.

After a couple of hours shooting we headed back for a bite to eat whilst down loading all their images for a quick appraisal and critique which I always find both difficult but refreshing when the constructive words and tips are taken on board in the final shooting session.

The delegates really took on board the tips and went from standing back to getting in the thick of the action capturing some truly great images along with engaging with the people watching, the speakers and the moments that were naturally occurring and unfolding before their very eyes.

I was humbled afterwards when I received these three testimonials from some of those on the course.

Here are a few images all shot by the people on the course………..


Mark Seymour TrainingMark Seymour TrainingMark Seymour TrainingMark Seymour TrainingMark Seymour TrainingMark Seymour Training


TESTIMONIALS from the NIKON Course attendees

Dear Mark

At a certain stage of your journey as a photographer you reach a point when you begin to think you ought to let a professional review where you are at. If you don’t know one willing to do that, the only option is to pay for help. But experience might have shown you that lectures where you look endlessly at brilliant pro slides don’t do much for you on the ground. They are not hands-on.
To be made to open your photographic sole and allow someone to give you some hard criticism is the real goal. I that is you. Then dig deep and allow Mark Seymour to do just that.
He has no hesitation telling you that one of your images could have been taken by a casual snapper.
When you are shooting with him he will soon have you moving your feet like never before and he will make you dive into the action with a prime wide-angle lens, showing how polite but firm behaviour gets you into the essential spot to frame the shots you want and need.
Getting over any fear, getting you outside your comfort zone, framing for light, gesture and context are all Seymour hallmarks.
Be under no illusion, you are in safe hand but realistically critical hands and you will improve, no matter what level you are at on this crazy journey called photography.
Nigel Hollinshead. Photographer.


Hi Mark

Many thanks for a great day on Sunday. Your initial briefing was focused, very informative and very helpful in setting the scene. In the briefing your selection f images illustrated a range of strategies for photographing the event that were key in preparing for the shoot and in developing a productive mind-set.
At Speakers Corner you did a great job in pointing out opportunities and in encouraging me to work outside my comfort zone through demonstration rather than cajoling – for me a very effective way of teaching. During the two shooting sessions you were always around when needed – though I did not feel that you were ‘breathing down my neck’ – leaving me space to put new approaches into practice.
The critique sessions were also most useful – selecting potentially good images and diplomatically pointing out where the many disasters could have been avoided or improved.

All in a very satisfying and productive day – many thanks – please put me on your mailing list as it will be a pleasure to train with you again.
Best Wishes

Dr Goeff Einon ARPS


Hi Mark

Just a quick message to say thank you for so much for the training day at Speakers Corner at the weekend.
The day was very well structured, informative and great fun.
You shared your knowledge, your passion and your art which was very eye opening. I learned about composition, the importance of the critical moment, staying with it, story telling and camera settings. Overall, it was a thoroughly good day and I will definitely recommend the course to my friends.
Thank you

Steve Bishop