Real life wedding and the Nikon V1

After hearing so much about this wonderful little camera I decided to try it out in a real life situation at a wedding myself, and wow I wasn’t disappointed! Using it as a back up camera to my trusty Nikon D4 I decided to use it to take some bridal portraits and reception shots at Lieset and Andre’s wedding in the Cotswolds. The bridal portraits were taken at the Lords of the Manor   hotel in The Cotswolds with natural light on the 10mm f2.8 lens ( equiv to a 28mm lens on a full frame camera ). With speed being of the essence as these were effectively test shots I set the camera to 400 ISO and aperture priority, then let the camera do the rest as I knew I would have some latitude as I was shooting RAW. I certainly wasn’t let down; the speed of the autofocus was extremely fast and the exposure virtually spot, on despite the mixed lighting conditions in the bride’s bedroom that comprised of both tungsten and natural light. The bridal shots were all taken at f2.8 the widest aperture of this beautiful little lens.

The next opportunity I had to use the camera was at the champagne reception and again it didn’t disappoint. The colour balance, exposure and focus were all spot on every time and with the speed of autofocus it enabled me to capture those decisive moments where the bride welcomed her guests, with ease.

I now can’t wait until Nikon brings out the V3 and have placed orders for the 32mm f1.2 and the 18.5 mm 1.8 prime lenses which I can see from Steve Huff’s reviews are awesome little lenses. I can see me using this kit for a lot of my documentary photography and maybe even some of my documentary and reportage wedding photography, having a two body system with the 10mm f2.8 and 32 1.8  as the main two lenses and a little carry bag with the 18mm in, it will be perfect.

Nikon V1 at a wedding with London bridal photographer 1

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