The Photography Show  STANDING ROOM ONLY !

The Nikon Stand
Huge with an 80 seat auditorium, large back lit display to show of our images.
Displaying all the latest Nikon camera’s and Lenses including the flagship Nikon D4s Both Joe Mc Nally and Steve McCurry were on the stand although Steve spoke on the super stand whilst Joe and I spoke on the Nikon Stand to a capacity audience

My Talk on The Nikon Stand
Featured both my Street and Wedding photography and showcased some of the images that for part of my forthcoming fellowship panel. It commenced with a showing of images from around the world to the aptly named song by U2 “The Streets have no Name” Nikon Ambassador Mark Seymour followed this up by showing images and talking about the techniques used to shoot some of his iconic wedding images as a London Wedding Photographer It was rounded of by a lively Q & A session.
Loxley UK
Featured both Mark Seymour’s book on Street photography and an album from the newly formed collective of documentary wedding photographers called Prime-photographers.
Loxley are manufacturers of some of the finest albums and it’s an honor to be associated with them.
The MPAstand
Mark was asked to help man the stand and assist with helping both new members and giving opinions on up and coming photographers work. It was a great day mingling with some of the great established members of the MPA including Ray Lowe and Hamish Scott Browne

Mark Seymour Nikon
Talking at The Photography Show