London Jewish Wedding Photographer

Akiva and Dani

Akivi and Dani met two years ago online. and once engaged asked Mark Seymour the London Jewish wedding Photographer to capture their day.

London Jewish Wedding

Dani got ready at home and had her hair dressed by Laura Hayter and makeup by Sarah Field. Her hair looked beautiful in long soft curls with a crystal clip at the back. She wore a La Sposa designer wedding gown, with lace detailed sleeves and full floating skirt. Dani carried a bouquet of pink flowers. I was able to make use of a mirror with an incredible swirling frame to take a stunning portrait of Dani.

Dani had her 3 sisters as bridesmaids. I took a photo as they all got ready, wearing their special dressing gowns. The girls then got into their long gowns so that Dani’s mum and the bridesmaids all complemented each other in shades of blue.

They drove in a cream and black Rolls Royce supplied by Lords Cars.

Akiva had nine groomsmen and 2 bestmen, and we got some great shots of them all together standing outside the hotel, including one with them all showing off their coloured socks!

The hotel provided rooms for the Tisch and Bedekken ceremonies and the Grand Ballroom was were the Chuppah and then celebrations took place. The Chuppah was particularly beautiful, lit from within with an ornate cut out design which created stunning patterns along the aisle and looked really beautiful when I edited one of these images in black and white with one of the flower girls walking along. The flower girls and pageboys walked up the aisle carrying little signs such as ‘isn’t she beautiful’ and a cheeky chappy holding up ‘don’t worry I’m still single’.

They got married at The Hilton Wembley so we took some interesting bride and groom shots using the reflective surfaces of the wall and making use of the posters advertising concerts, which is one of my favourite shots of Akiva and his groomsman as new members of the band! There is also a stunning picture of Dani against the red glass wall and the contrasting colour makes it a very different but stunning bridal portrait. We also took some photos within the hotel itself. Outside I managed to catch a moment with the wind playing with Dani’s veil.

The couple were joined by 320 guests to celebrate their special day and Akiva and Dani asked for some special family groups but in addition at this wedding Dani had her children from her class at school where she teachers join her for some special photos. The hotel had created a special are with a white sofa and backdrop.

The couple entered as man and wife through an archway created by the guests and I captured this moment with the confetti falling over them.

The Grand Ballroom was set up for the meal and dancing with ambient purple lighting and pink floral displays. I managed to take some pictures of the room before the guests entered so the couple could remember it in all its full glory. Whilst the guest enjoyed their meal Aish provided the music.

There were some special moments to capture as some of the closest members of the family and friends performed in front of the newly married couple.

The evening started with the men and women dancing separately and Akiva and Dani being raised up on chairs, before they joined together and danced in a big circle around the two of them as they took their first dance together as husband and wife. I got a wonderful shot of the bride and groom at the centre of the ‘parachute’ dancing together and sharing a kiss.



































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London Jewish Wedding

London Jewish Wedding