Alice & Marlon’s Wedding Day at Tylney Hall

What an emotional and beautiful wedding day you had, Alice and Marlon; there were obviously some important elements that you had planned as part of your special day. But tell me more about how you two met and how did Marlon propose and why you decided upon a Tylney Hall Wedding?

We met in 2008 in a pub in Kingston. I (Alice) had been to a 1980s fancy dress party and went to meet my friend’s boyfriend and friend in the pub. Marlon claims he saw me walk in, wearing my bright pink tights (most probably giggling away) and knew he wanted to get to know me. We then spent the next few months dating until Marlon moved to Spain for a few months. When I heard he was moving away I realised how much I liked him and quickly booked a flight to visit him. He then returned a month later and we’ve been inseparable since.

We went on holiday to the South of France in August last year and revisited a small town called St Paul de Vence as we had loved it when we went in 2015. We walked around the town and ended up outside the restaurant we were having dinner at, sitting on a bench and looking out at a spectacular view. There was no one around, it was just us and that is when Marlon produced the ring from his pocket. I was in complete shock and he explained how he had used the family ring my mum had given us, keeping the gold band but upgrading the diamonds to add his own touch to it. It was an absolutely perfect moment.


Starting with the getting ready, your Mum’s stylist did your hair, he first did your hair as a 15 year old girl, did you feel more relaxed having someone you knew? What did you want from your hair and makeup on the day?

I definitely felt much more comfortable having my hairdresser there and always knew I wanted him involved as I’ve known him since I was 15/16. His dad did my mums hair at her wedding 46 years ago and then Adam did my sister’s hair at her wedding 11 years ago. Unfortunately Adam didn’t feel confident at doing my hair so Marian did it instead and she was fantastic! Adam blow dried my mum’s hair and was there to support me :)

The main thing for me was to feel beautiful but to also feel like myself. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and rarely have my hair done properly. I chose Ro to do my makeup because again she is someone I know and it made it so much more relaxed and fun. I also knew she would make sure I looked fabulous!

Tylney Hall Photography

Alice you wore a classically elegant dress, did you try on many before making your choice? Who came with you? I loved the touch of blue hearts to match the boys’ suits, on the shoes, where did you find them? 

I tried on 5 dresses in total and mine was the last one I tried on. My mum and sister came with me to ‘The Dress’ in Teddington and it was a very surreal day. It was only a week after we’d gotten engaged and I didn’t expect to find my dress. Jo, the lady in the shop, picked my dress from the rack and said I should try it on. It was a completely different shape and I was worried it wouldn’t fit but I went ahead with it. As soon as she put it on me I knew it was different to the others I’d tried and when my sister started to cry when she saw me it reaffirmed what I was thinking. As soon as Jo then placed my veil on I started to cry because I felt elegant and beautiful with a touch of romance. The shoes I found online and then purchased from a bridal shop in Wimbledon. I loved the Charlotte Mills shoes because they had the fun glitter heel and I got to choose the blue heart clip to add to them for a bit of colour. I also loved that they had wording on the sole ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe’ AND there was a sixpence inside one of the shoes.

 Marlon you had a bespoke suit, where did you get it made, were there any special details?

It was made at a tailors called King and Allen in Surbiton. Along with Alice and one of my best men I chose every bit of the suit, down to the lining, stitching colour and angle of the pockets. On the inside pocket my initials were sewn in and there was also one button hole sewn in a matching burgundy thread.

 Alice, your four bridesmaids wore individual designs; did you give them any ‘wishes’ for what you wanted them to wear? Did you go with them?

I actually chose the dresses for the girls. I knew their styles and every day for a month searches on ASOS until I saw something that I thought would suit each of them. I am so pleased with the ones they each had :) all were ordered online and we had many ‘trying on’ sessions and lots of photos sent over messages.

Marlon, you had three best men and the interaction between you and your friends was really great to photograph; have you all been friends since school? Tell me more about the stag do photos?

I’m very lucky as all of my friends are from school so we have grown up together from 11 onwards. My 3 best men are my closest friends and we have all been through a lot together over the years. Vegas for my stag was an unforgettable experience, one that I will never forget. All of my friends are very similar and we all enjoy embarrassing each other when the chance arises

The wedding flowers were hues of white, pink, mauve and blue – who was your florist and how much involvement did you have in selecting the different blooms for the bouquets and arrangements?

We used Isabella’s in East Sheen and Michaela let me be involved in picking the flowers involved in everything. I went in June, after an initial meeting earlier in the year and Michaela had brought in different flowers all matching my dusky pink and blue theme.

How did you select the menu, wines and wedding cake?

 We went for a tasting in February with my parents and together chose the food and wine. Marlon and I chose 3 starters, mains and desserts that’s we wanted to try on the day.

Marlon and I also went for a cake tasting. We used a cake maker who actually made Marlon’s 30th birthday Darth Vader head. That cake was delicious so we knew we could trust her to make our wedding cake. We decided we wanted a white/floral cake and together chose the design after looking at examples on Pinterest.

You had a car even though your whole wedding was at Tylney was important to have those few minutes alone together after the ceremony before joining your guests?

It was so lovely to have time with my dad and also Marlon in the car. Everyone we have spoken to told us to make sure we had a moment alone and so we thought this would be a perfect time. It was lovely to have a moment to fully take in what had happened, to fully look at each other and our new wedding rings :) it was so lovely!

Tylney Hall Wedding The Most Romantic Venue in Hampshire

Tylney Hall is a romantic English wedding venue, what drew the two of you to have your wedding there?

 My family have been visiting Tylney Hall since I was a baby. I took some of my first steps in the gardens and so for my family especially it has so many memories. Since Marlon and I have been together we have visited Tylney for many family weekends to celebrate birthdays, Father’s Day or for a short break and he fell in love with it just like I had. We have seen many weddings there and always spoke of how lovely it would be to get married there and then we did :)

You have some great shots from the disco; tell me about your first dance and following it with Lulu’s Shout which got everyone dancing?

Kings of Leon are a band that remind us of each other. We listened to them a lot when I visited Marlon in Spain in 2009 and then we also saw them in concert a few years later. We wanted something that was personal to us and are both so pleased with our choice.

Marlon and one of his best men have a great love for the film ‘Wedding Crashers’ and when we started thinking about music he said we must have Lulu’s shout because just like in the film, he knew everyone would go crazy for it!

Tylney Hall Wedding Fair

When the two of you started planning the wedding what was important for your wedding day? Did everything turn out as you planned?

 We wanted to be surrounded by all of our favourite people and for there to be lots of delicious food!

I took charge of the main planning, always asking Marlon’s advice before booking things. I wanted there to be lots of romance and for everyone to have a good time. Everything turned out better than planned, we were both extremely happy with all of the small details and how they all went together. We were so pleased to find you at The Tylney Hall Wedding Fair and knew immediately that you were the photographer for us

I captured so many special moments during the day of you Marlon; you and your Nan, reading Alice’s card to you, and then that first moment you saw Alice walking down the aisle – what will be the lasting memory of the day for you?

Seeing my Nan at the end of the aisle was a very special moment and something that I will always remember and really cherish. Being able to have her there was such a wonderful thing.

If you could give another couple some advice about their wedding day, what would it be?

Firstly when you see a photographer like Mark Seymour just book him, he’s only available for a few limited dates so we knew he may well already be booked. We were so lucky to have him capture our day.

Secondly. Just as we were told, find a moment to take it all in together as it goes so quickly and when you do find that moment it is so amazing to look around and see everyone there celebrating with you. Enjoy every minute and definitely keep dancing!

Alice and Marlon’s wedding suppliers:

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Robert Neil hair stylist

Wedding cake Claire’s Cakery

Groom’s suit King and Allen

Bridal dress shop The Dress

Bride’s dress Suzanne Neville

Bride’s shoes

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  1. What an amazing set of images , I bet the bride was over the moon !. I wish Id booked someone like you for my wedding !

  2. Dear Mark, I do not have the adjectives to describe just how your photos of Alice and Marlon’s wedding have moved me. They are truly works of art and bring the whole day alive for us again.
    Thank you so very very much for recording a 25 year old dream of one very very beautiful and happy bride. Jeni Fellows

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