Capture The Emotions and Moments On Your Wedding Day, Not Just The Details

In todays world of weddings we are greatly focussed on the detail and appearance of everything and what every minute factor means and what does it say about our wedding day. Of course typically photography follows this; We want photos taken of all the details, photos that make the day look beautiful and perfect, but are these photos are true representation of our big day?

Of course this is the current fashion in wedding photography, but what about in years to come when this is no longer the fashion Will they evoke true memories of the day and bring back all the emotions you felt from the moment you woke up and started to get ready to the part where you wish your guests good night?

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Mark Seymour Take’s More Than Just Photo’s

Currently many wedding photographers focus on the trends and fashion of taking stunning photos but that don’t necessarily give a true representation of the day. The table settings, your dress from the back as you stand still whilst it is photographed and posed photos with forced smiles. Capturing the detail is of course important, but it is far more important to capture the natural moments and emotions through out the day, as it’s these photographs that will make your heart skip a beat and your children realise you were a young couple in love when you come to look at them in years to come.

Your wedding photos should act as an aid to your memory, to enable you to bring back everything you felt on the day, from the moment that you said ‘I do’, your guests smiles and tears and the butterflies you felt prior to walking down the aisle. Looking at your photos should take you right back to the day, as if you were standing once again in the middle of it all.

Great documentary wedding photographers like Mark Seymour take more than just photos, but make memories and capture beautiful emotions along with the atmosphere and the genuine natural beauty of your unique and special day whilst letting you enjoy the greatest day of your life with your new husband, friends and family.

Create Life Long Memories

Your wedding day might just last twelve hours but your photos will last a life time which is why it’s so important to make sure they are a true representation of the day. Try not to be taken in by fashion and photography trends as these trends are ever changing and in a few years time your photos may look out dated and do little in terms of provoking feelings and bringing back memories.

Choose a photographer to capture your day in it’s true light and beauty and photograph the emotions and joy of the day rather than the details alone. Photographers such as Mark Seymour do just this. Mark is a documentary style photographer who’s skills capture the special moments through out the day ensuring emotions are documented truthfully.

Finding a photographer who isn’t focussed on fashion and current trends but rather capturing every beautiful moment will mean that you have photographs of your wedding that will last a life time and always bring you back to the day and how you felt in the midst of it all.

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