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Wedding Fellowship Panel

Achieving a Wedding Fellowship Panel

Documentary Wedding Photography Panel by Mark Seymour

As a professional wedding photography with over twenty years of experience I have developed a signature style that make my images recognisable as mine. This wedding fellowship panel is reflective of my photographic style.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I record the day through story-telling images, that capture the moments as they have, focusing on the emotions and interactions of the couple and their guests. I capture the detail of the story and portraits of the bride and groom, but through candid close ups and natural moments, rather than orchestrated poses, that directs the bride and groom and separates the photography from the natural flow of the day.

I like to use a lot of beautiful contrasting black and white, as this enhances the intensity and depth of the image, often likened to the work of fine artists in the renaissance period using a technique called chiaroscuro. For me documentary photography is most effective when processed in black and white. Mayfair fine art dealer William Lansbury recently came across my work and quoted “If Caravaggio had a camera these are the type of images he would take”.

The wedding fellowship panel is a collection of photographs that capture the story of the wedding day, although not all from one single wedding. They are all totally undirected and therefore pure moments that have occurred naturally without intervention which is my signature style.

Great documentary photography requires all the elements of photography in its highest artistic form, including good composition and beautiful lighting. In addition there is a crucial component that elevates a documentary photograph to one that truly captures a moment in time, telling the story of the people within the image with all its emotion, and as a photographer it is about having the experience to know where to position yourself so that you can capture that elusive moment within a single frame.

The wedding fellowship panel is assembled in chronological order of a wedding day, from the anticipation that the bride feels whilst preparing for her day, through various ceremonies such as Bedekken, the Tisch, and the marriage itself, finishing with the celebration and dancing.

Take a look at Mark Seymours complete Wedding Portfolio. The first ever awarded to a Documentary wedding Photographer. A Fellowship should be compared to 3 Michelin stars in the Restaurant world . Mark Seymour was also the first photographer to be awarded a double fellowship on the same day. Here is his other Fellowship which was a case study on Dementia that was turned into an exhibition in both London and Milan

Qualification procedure

Mark Seymour’s Panel as a slide show

Fellowship of the ‘Societies’is the highest distinction and recognises you as a master of your craft, able to create work of the highest standard both technically and artistically. It is essential that applicants take serious advice from a recognised Mentor at the level of Fellow to ensure that the application is at the highest level of content and presentation. If in doubt please contact head office for advice.

Print Submission for Fellowship

A submission of 20 prints is required, at 20×16” mounted on to board no thicker than 8mm.

Submissions should consist of, in the case of an SWPP application (FSWPP), the very best of either wedding or portrait images from as many commissions as you wish as this must be an ultimate expression of your skills and abilities as a consummate professional. (Mixed wedding/portrait panels are not acceptable). In the case of all other application you must concentrate on one area of expertise and excellence only.


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Mark Seymour is world renowned wedding photographer. Three time winner of UK wedding photographer of the year. The first Nikon UK ambassador for wedding photography. And the first photographer to be awarded a double Fellowship & Master Craftsman photographer (akin to 3 Michelin stars).

Mark is recommended by some of the most prestigious venues in and around London and the UK. He is often asked to photograph destination weddings in far away locations.

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