A lot of my wedding couples always ask “ what’s the best way to choose the images for my wedding album”.

I always advise that the album should be about telling a story of your wedding and day and to  ensure there are some great images of the both of you scattered with lots of informal moments capturing beautiful moments and preferably not a collection of family groups that although important tell little about  the actual wedding day.
Try to choose the more candid, documentary and reportage wedding pictures and use wow pictures as transitional images as you move from one part of your wedding day to another.
The album should generally startWedding album design ideas by London wedding photographer Mark Seymour 1 with either a picture of the both of you or some beautiful candid getting ready photographs  with maybe a few detail pictures followed by similar shots of the groom if captured.
The next section of the album will be the bride arriving followed by the ceremony which will all be beautiful candid moments that should evoke the emotions and memories of that more serious part of the day.
A point worth mentioning at this point is that we always ensure that different parts of the wedding day aren’t on facing pages. So the next section where the bride and groom sign the registerWedding album design ideas by London wedding photographer Mark Seymour 1 and walk down the isle should be on their own pages.
Moving on to the one of my favourite times and when lots of beautiful candid images occur and the seasoned professional will know where to position himself to get those decisive moments…. Outside the church were everyone wants to congratulateWedding album design ideas by London wedding photographer Mark Seymour 1 the happy couple. I normally include at least a double page spread with lots of smaller images as the glue and one big wow image on the right hand side as this is where the eye leaves the page.

Next would be the reception candid images followed by  those group shots that must be included but kept to a minimum then the stunning posed and candid images of the couple together, leaving a couple of pages for the wedding breakfast , speeches and dancing.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer which are his or her favourite images as they may also be well worth including. Its always worth taking their points on board as they will have designed many wedding albums and you can be sure they want you to have the best album possible so it’s shown to your friends and family as both a true reflection of the day and a great representation of their work.

Article by Mark Seymour www.markseymourphotography.co.uk

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