Jewish Wedding Photography at 8 Northumberland Ave London


Rachel’s bridal preps took place at her parents’ home in North London with her bridesmaids helping she slipped into a beautiful fitted ivory wedding gown with a matching lace floral overlay and veil accessorised with a pearl bracelet and the look completed with a round bouquet of pink and pastel violet roses. The groom along with his best man and 10 ushers looked great dressed in traditional morning suits with complimentary grey silk ties and a blush pink buttonhole.


Starting with a traditional Tisch for the men it was full of atmosphere with loud singing of traditional hebrew songs and hand banging of the table which was laid out with traditional jewish canapes and whiskey building up the tension and anticipation of the day ahead. Their Rabbi read through the Ketubah asking Henry to accept the terms of the marriage laid out and signifying the moment by holding a pen or handkerchief above their head. Once the ceremony is completed Henry the groom was led by his friends, family and Rabbi to the badeken room to see his bride to be for the first time.


Full of excitement Rachel sat flanked by both mothers and all the bridal party hearing the boys singing getting louder and louder as they approached with the groom who approaches and covers his brides face with her veil prior to the ceremony. An incredibly touching moment occurs as both fathers place their hands over the couple’s heads and chant a traditional Hebrew prayer.


The procession starts down the stunning white carpeted isle towards the chuppa which is dressed in white silk with pastel pink peonies and roses. The two cute flower girls and pageboy steal the show before Rachel makes her entrance walking down the aisle with her father to start the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony which was concluded when Henry smashed the glass signalling the start of the wedding party.


The Ballroom at 8 Northumberland was lit in beautiful purple and red hues with tables set for their 250 guests and the brilliant Strong Sensation Band headed by Fil Straughan.

The Jewish Dancing is one of my favourite parts to photograph with great atmosphere and a high energy. I’ve found over the years of photographing Jewish weddings the only way to get great dancing shots is to light them with LED lighting using a dedicated assistant.  This lets me keep the colours of the room in picture but take of the colour cast from the subject’s face. It’s kinda the same lighting technique used in TV with programs like the x factor. Rachel’s favourite shot on the dance floor is where I’ve framed her face using the lace edge of her veil whilst her girlfriend dance with her during the first set of traditional Israeli dancing.

THE VENUE – 8 Northumberland Avenue

No 8 Northumberland Ave is located only a short walk from London’s Trafalgar square making it one of London’s most central wedding venues. Described by English Heritage as ‘the grandest example of a Victorian ballroom in existence’ The Ballroom is most certainly the jewel of the venue with its beautiful high ceilings, impressive chandeliers and stained-glass windows. No 8 Northumberland is a great venue for taking beautiful atmospheric pictures in its many rooms with the bar area again being one of my favourites.

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